The Beauty of Glass Cups

Coffee and tea cups made with clear glass are often overlooked as a gift item. This is because, while many of these cups are elegantly tall, slim and footed, the design is better seen when they are used. Glass cups are usually etched, and the design on the glass is white rather than a particular color. It blends into the glass and is sometimes difficult to appreciate. Once the glass is filled with a darker liquid, such as coffee or tea, the design then shows its true beauty. Choosing an etched design is a risk, especially as a gift. For those who take the time and effort, the beauty of these cups offer a unique satisfaction.

Modern technology, in the form of laser printing, has made etched glass cups much more cost effective as a gift or promotional item. Any design is easily transferred with this technology and requires little time once the computer has been set up for laser printing. The laser process can be applied for one glass, a set of eight glasses or an infinite number, depending on the needs of the customer. Unless the glass is colored, the design will be white on clear glass, the same as that produced by regular etching.

Today, color has become an important part of the world. Backgrounds are neutral, and colors only appear on smaller items for decorative purposes. This would seem to limit the preference for clear glass cups, but that does not need to be the case. Instead of etching on clear glass, the use of glass decals can add a pop of color to this beautiful item. The decals are easily printed in a variety of colors and designs to fit any consumer’s style or choice and turn an item into a keepsake.

No matter the process used to decorate a clear glass cup, the result is the same. An elegant but plain item is recreated into a cup that will be used and admired for many years. Whether traditional etching, laser printing or decals are applied, a glass cup is transformed into a piece of art, a keepsake or memorabilia with a long wear life and many new memories to come.