Creating a Favorite Coffee Mug

Personalizing everyday items makes them special to the person who has them. The more use an item sees, the more heartwarming and personal it becomes. Taking the time to create a coffee or tea mug for a loved one is one of the best ways to show that a gift giver has taken the time to provide the perfect gift. It is a thoughtful idea to give a present that fits the habits and lifestyle of the gift recipient. It is a big hit with family and friends as well as acquaintances and co-workers.

There are several ways to personalize a mug. Many gift shops specialize in theme mugs and cups with various sayings or photos printed on them. There are even some shops that offer the service of making custom ordered mugs for those who need something unique. The variety of ideas, designs, photos and sayings are almost infinite. Each mug today can be a message, a favorite person’s face or a one-of-a-kind design made by the gift giver.

For a truly unique and special gift, the gift giver can take the time to create a unique design to fit the person who will receive the mug. Once the design is complete, computer scanning takes only a few moments. The image is then printed onto a special paper that creates ceramic decals. These ceramic transfers are placed on the outside of the mug for a truly unique and special gift.

The beauty of modern decals is in the ability to use computers to turn an idea into a design. Once the design is printed and placed on the mug, it becomes a gift that will give pleasure for years to come. The person receiving the mug will see the thought and caring that went into the present. Those who share in the occasion will wonder when they will receive their beautifully decorated mug.